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Total Population

    Percent Change
Area 2000201020172000 - 20102010 - 2017
United States281,421,906308,745,538325,719,1789.7increase5.5increase

Source: U.S. Census Bureau: Decennial Census

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Graph of Estimated Population
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Population by Race and Ethnicity

Race 20002010Percent Change
Black or African American154,198167,8648.9increase
Other Race90,725110,12721.4increase
American Indian and Alaskan Native24,93628,15012.9increase
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander1,3132,23870.4increase
Two or more races56,49685,93352.1increase
Hispanic or Latino188,252300,04259.4increase
Percent of Total Population7.010.5  
Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Population by Age

Age Group 20002010Percent Change
Age 0-4188,708205,4928.9increase
Age 5-9195,574202,4473.5increase
Age 10-14204,018198,884-2.5decrease
Age 15-19210,118203,821-3.0decrease
Age 20-24190,167204,4547.5increase
Age 25-29172,975197,78314.3increase
Age 30-34175,878179,9372.3increase
Age 35-39207,549172,388-16.9decrease
Age 40-44212,802174,285-18.1decrease
Age 45-49192,679201,8304.7increase
Age 50-54161,468204,43426.6increase
Age 55-59121,645182,51250.0increase
Age 60-6498,608148,73550.8increase
Age 65-6990,085107,75519.6increase
Age 70-7485,83182,634-3.7decrease
Age 75-7975,12569,466-7.5decrease
Age 80-8453,41856,9436.6increase
Age 85 and over51,77059,31814.6increase
Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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Median Age

Area 20002010Percent Change

Source: U.S. Census Bureau: Decennial Census

Components of Population Change

Natural Change
Net Migration
(inflow - outflow)
Area 1990-20002000-20101990-20002000-2010

Source: calculated by the Institute for Policy and Social Research, The University of Kansas using data from U.S. Census Bureau

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2011-15 County-to-County Migration by Region

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States are grouped by BEA Region ( with the exception of Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma which are shown individually.
Kansas counties that are not in an EDD (Brown, Douglas, Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, Nemaha, Osage, and Shawnee) are shown combined with the MO-KAN counties (Atchison and Doniphan) as Northeast Kansas. A reference map of regions in Kansas is available in PDF and JPG.

Educational Attainment

Population age 25 and over

Highest Completed Level 20112016Percent Change
Less than 9th grade75,74771,161-6.1 
9th-12th grade, no diploma115,501110,888-4.0 
High school graduate, inc. equivalency517,560499,895-3.4 
Some college, no degree437,905449,7872.7 
Associate degree134,072152,96314.1 
Bachelor's degree355,192380,3917.1 
Graduate or professional degree186,423213,41014.5 
Percent completed high school or higher89.590.30.9increase
Percent completed bachelor's degree or higher29.731.66.4increase

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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